Thursday, March 2, 2017

Revenants Season I, Episode II

The followup to the top free dystopian/post-apocalyptic book.

When the zombies arrived twenty-five years ago, the world did not end. People adapted and learned to live with them. There are two varieties of zombies. Gerries wander around slowly and aimlessly. Renals are always at an eleven. The only thing that they want is to eat, and they always sprint towards that goal.

However, now a new variety has surfaced: Revenants. These are zombies that retain their memories and personalities from when they were living. 

Elliot is a Revenant ---a zombie that kept his humanity--- and a vegetarian that's not interested in eating people. On the same day that he made his first public appearance, a switch was flipped, and the world changed.

Bonnie and Tyler are teenagers in love. They have lost everything and are running for safety when they encounter a stranger.

Ray is now the protector of a boy, Little Mike. As they make their way to Ray's house, neither are sure if they are ready for what's inside.

Patrick awoke with no signs of the Survivors of Rathe. He leaves the safety of his home to search for them only to end up someplace unexpected.

Julie was at work in the tv studio when she realizes that it has been overrun by zombies.

Combining the episodic nature of TV with the in-depth character found in novels, If you like The Walking Dead and LOST, you will love this series that combines suspense, action, and fear of the unknown.

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