Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fictional Reviews from Fictional Characters

In 2015, Adam J Williams spent a month in Eden interviewing people as research for his upcoming book. His intent was to interview enough people to establish a six degrees of separation within the group. Mr. Williams interviewed hundreds of individuals and collected their stories. As it turned out, everybody had a story, and in some way, they were each connected.

The book released to critical praise from reviewers, yet mixed reviews from citizens of Eden.

The following are reviews from the subjects of Tangents in Eden Volume 1.

"This book kept me on edge. It was high-flying and emotional. I jumped for joy when I got to see my name in print. A great read that I would recommend to anybody."
-Candice Kauffman

"Tangents in Eden is a knockout! People don't really think about the number of lives that they touch on a daily basis. After reading the book, it makes me wonder what other people's stories. A quick read and highly entertaining."
-Leo DiNardo

"Mother says that there's too much cursing and violence for me to read this book. But my best friend, Fred has been reading it to me when she's not around. I think the book is neat."
-Virgil Devereux

Adam J. Williams should start Tangents in Eden with a disclaimer that each of these stories is based on a true story but are still works of fiction. I feel like he took one of the most embarrassing moments in my life, surrounded it with fiction and embellishments, and made up other parts entirely. My chapter aside, I found the rest of the book entertaining, yet skeptical to the amount of truth.
-Anders Kauffman

While the writing in this book is technically sound and somewhat entertaining, I could have offered Adam J. Williams a few tips on how to make Tangents in Eden more engaging and substantial. If one is merely looking to be entertained by the misfortunes of others, then this is the perfect book for you.
-Tyson Corbin

Tangents in Eden is genius because Adam J. Williams has somehow turned one of the country's largest cities into a small town where everyone's life bumps against each other. I was skeptical that Mr. Williams would be able to connect the stories and it took a second reading before I made some of the connections. I would love to hear the audiobook version.
-Nick Gregory

My only complaint with Tangents in Eden is how mopey he portrayed my character. When you spend as much time being friends with a-holes as me, eventually somebody's going to get punched in the face. When that happens, you have to man up and get over it. I think that Adam J. Williams did a good job capturing some of the weird, unexplainable things that happen in Eden.
-Bug Fett

Tangents in Eden Volume 1 was released nearly one year ago. To celebrate the first anniversary of my first book, I decided to have a bit of fun with the book. Below are reviews that each of the title characters would leave for the book. If You haven't gotten Tangents in Eden yet, it is free on Kindle Unlimited or available for $3.99 here. Or, if you are looking for a great deal, the book will be on sale for $.99 from March 27-31st.

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